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Accompaniment to vet visits

Abbildung Katze und Hund im Kreis mit Erste Hilfe Zeichen

Going to the vet can be very difficult on your own. As an animal owner, you often come home stressed, you have to catch your animal, book it in the cage or take the dog to the vetvet rushing. If an operation is still possible, it can happen that the animal owner is also nervous. This is immediately transferred to the animal and the owner and the animal are already nervous and stressed. Then you come to the veterinarianvet  you should also understand everything correctly and remember what is said to you. 

Four ears hear better than two!

I will support you with the vet visit, will calm you and your animal down and also pay attention and listen during the visit to the veterinarian. If you let me know your questions for the veterinarian beforehand, I will also make sure that all questions are asked and that none are forgotten. So that you and your animal have a positive experience of this visit and the veterinarian can carry out the treatment in peace. This makes the vet visit a positive oneAdventure, which is not associated with bad experiences and the next visit can be much less stressful. 

We agree on a meeting point and Iaccompany  You and your animal to the vet. Aftertreatment  we can discuss everything again in peace, so that all possible questions are clarified and certainly nothingnot correct  was understood or forgotten.

   To get there  the official kilometer allowance of €0.42 per kilometer driven (reason: Google Maps) and any parking fees are added.

If you wish, I can drive you and your small animal to the vet for a surcharge of €1.10 per kilometer driven. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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