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What distinguishes Tierdialect from others in this field?

Tierdialect is considerate of each individual, knowing that no creature is like any other. I respond to every human and animal personality and take into account the natural behavior of animals. Tierdialect works with people and animals with consideration, understanding and friendliness, completely free of violence and fear. I look at the entire group in which the animal lives and, together with the owners, create a training plan tailored to the animal and the people. 

No training at Tierdialek is the same as any other training, as this is always put together individually. 

What training method do you use?

I work systemically with positive reinforcement so that everyone feels comfortable during training and I can respond well to everyone involved.

Which animal species does Tierdialect train?

Basically, only cats are trained. However, since I was also able to gain experience with other animals through my training, I am also happy to advise you if you would like a furry companion but you do not know which animal or character suits you.

What does behavioral advice at Tierdialket look like?

Every behavioral consultation at Tierdialek begins with an initial online consultation (via Zoom). My customers will briefly describe their life situation, their cat and the previous experiences of the cat and the owner, and above all the problem that brought them to me. Depending on the situation, it is then clarified whether online or on-site behavioral advice is requiredZeil leading ist. During the behavioral consultation, I will take a closer look at the cat´s behavior with my customers and explore the problem together with them and solve the problem with regard to the cat´s natural behavior. Together with my customers, I create a training plan that they then work on together with their cat. After 14 days there is a short phone call, during which the training progress is checked and the training plan is given if optimised.  

A single appointment is not always enough  . That´s why Tierdialek also offers follow-up consultations so that the problem can actually be solved. 

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