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cat training

Many think that cats cannot be trained. But that´s not true, as some studies show.

On the contrary: cats are very trainable. 

I will show you how you can train your cat effectively and sensibly without force and violence, but with positive reinforcement. 

mental training

weiß- wildfarbener europäischer Kurzhaarkater, Benny, und schwarz-weißer türkisch Van/europäisch Kurzhaarkater Mix, Filou erarbeiten sich Leckerlies im Schnüffelteppich

The mental training is well suited for every cat, because if the cat is mentally busy, it will not have any stupid ideas. 

This type of training is very tiring for the cat, as it always has to think about and try out how to get its reward. 

This requires the creativity of the owner. The cat should always be offered new challenges where it can act out its natural instincts. 

If the training was successful, the cat will fall asleep after a short time, exhausted but satisfied. 

Here I´ll tell you some tricks on how you can mentally engage your cat in a creative way so that this work remains exciting for both you and your cat. 

Cats that are underworked often tend to do odd things or become overweight.  

There are ways to keep your cat physically busy. Here you should pay attention to the preferences of the cat. Cats who like to carry things around are good at fetching. With cats that like to jump, you could train agility well by setting up obstacles for them. 

Some cats just love to play with balls or mice, here too you can exercise them very well physically. 

We´ll look at your cat´s preferences together and I´ll explain how you can keep your cat busy so that it gets the physical exercise it needs 

movement training

kleines graues Kätzchen spielt mit Spielangel mit buntem Ball. Auf grauem Hintergrund

medical training

Tierarzt haltet wildfarbene Katze

At the vet´s, there are many unfamiliar, unfamiliar movements for the cat. 

Be it taking blood, weighing or simply going into the transport box and coming out again. 

I´ll show you how you can carefully get your cat used to all these unknown and unpleasant things so that the next visit to the vet can be less stressful and faster. 

Your vet and your animal will thank you. 

With the help of clicker training, the cat´s behavior can be influenced with positive reinforcement.

During training or in education, cats are often given commands, for example: the well-known "no !". However, since human speech is not understandable to the cat, the given command must not vary in pitch and length of the tone. But this is not always so easy, because people cannot always control their voice 100% due to illness or emotional states. 

The clicker supports this. He always gives an andthe same  click sound, allowing the cat to be conditioned to its own clicker very quickly. 

I will support you and your cat in working successfully with the clicker and I will explain what you should pay attention to when using the clicker. So that nothing stands in the way of a successful workout. 

clicker training

orangener Klicker mit gelbem Knopf auf weißem Hintergrund
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