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Süße Katze

behavioral counseling

So that you can understand your velvet paw better

There are an estimated 600 million cats worldwide and the number is growing. Therefore, it is not surprising that the cat is the most popular pet. But when living together with humans, problems, discrepancies and behavioral problems often arise, which often arise from a lack of knowledge about the natural way of life and the needs of the cat or just from misunderstandings due to communication problems.

​ There are many different behavioral problems. If these are stuck, you can fix them, if only with great effort, or in certain cases even alleviate them more. It is therefore advisable to seek professional help as soon as possible in the event of behavioral problems. 

Here, investigating the cause is crucial and often very time-consuming. But to get to the bottom of the cause, you need to know the cat´s natural behavior well and understand its communication methods.

I will support you with my knowledge of the natural behavior of cats and help you to understand them so that we can then solve the problem together.

cat training

Tips on teaching your cat tricks

Many think that cats cannot be trained. But that´s not true, as some studies show. On the contrary: cats are very trainable. 

I will show you how you can train your cat effectively and sensibly without force and violence, but with positive reinforcement, fun, serenity and understanding. This also strengthens the relationship between you and your cat in the long term.

Katze Ruhe
rotes junges Kaninschen wird von Dame in beigen Kleid gestreichelt

pet sitting

time for your pet

Owners often have to leave their animal for a while, be it for a vacation, for work, and much more. However, every owner wants to know that their animal is well cared for and in good hands. Whether it´s a bird, hamster, rabbit, fish or cat, I´ll be happy to take care of your roommates in their familiar surroundings while you´re away. I feed the animals, keep cages, aviaries, litter boxes, aquariums, etc. clean, keep them moving and provide fresh water and fresh air. If you wish, I can also send you updates about your favorites so that you can travel with peace of mind.

Dogs are only looked after on request. 

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