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mobile pet care


Since you would of course like to know who is looking after your pet, we will make an appointment where I can come to you and you and your pet can get to know me personally. I would ask you to provide me with all the important information about your animal so that I know what your animal particularly likes or what you should pay particular attention to with your animal. 

Care for cats and small animals

  • Cleaning of feeding place, sleeping place, litter box, cages, aviary

  • Feeding the animals and providing fresh water

  • Ventilate the living quarters of the animals

  • species-appropriate employment 

  • Play and cuddle units

                 zzgl. Mileage allowance and applicable parking fees


Dogs will only on request cared for.

additional services

If you wish, I can also send you an update including photos or video of your four-legged friend, so that you can be sure that he is not missing anything when you are away. 
Depending on the booked time, I can also empty your mailbox and water the flowers.

ride costs

I charge the official kilometer allowance for Vienna (based on Google Maps) of € 0.42 per kilometer driven

  and any applicable parking fees

key collection

If there is no suitable storage location available, I will be happy to come and pick up the keys. € 5.00 (plus kilometer allowance) will be charged for this.

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